Managed Shit

The dichotomy between good and evil doesn’t exist in a sense that there is no good and evil. There’s only consequences and perspective. From an abuser’s perspective, nothing wrong is happening and they need to take the actions they take to improve the lives of people around them. From the outsider’s perspective, an arsehole is taking his anger out on his girlfriend. With something like that, is inaction as dangerous as action? Getting involved could escalate the situation to Hollyoaks heights but not getting involved could do the exact same thing.

I was dredging through the comments of a Vice news article on Syria and it occurred to me that’s the same situation the world is in. Obviously, we did get involved and for a while it did very much escalate but now it looks like with IS routed, it’s getting better? If not better just more manageable. Is that what we strive for? Simply having shit managed rather than cured or resolved is, when you think about it, how we all deal with problems. A prime of example of this is fascism. While we thought Nazi ideals were crushed with Hitler’s Germany, the KKK is in 2017 touring around America like an angry, cancerous boy band.  It’s managed like the mental neighbourhood dog held back on a chain – don’t look at it, it’ll only bark louder. We can’t put it down as they’d always be debate on whether or not it’s humane and we can’t get rid of it as no one will admit to owning it.

Looking at it in a different way, we have food allergies which are the bane of my existence. I for one, love salted peanuts but unfortunately anaphylactic shock is an incredible piece of shit. We manage things like that by avoiding the foods we can’t eat for the sake of our gastro-intestinal tract rather than actively seek treatment. I heard about a very small test somewhere to cure food allergies by feeding sufferers tiny amounts of it to create immunity yet isn’t that in itself, extended management? Training our bodies to manage?

It’s a mental minefield that means all job titles should come with the ‘manager’ prefix. I was on a train the other week and a fight broke out between two passengers at Doncaster. One was drunk and the other had issues – neither managed the situation or themselves particularly well and everything went to shit very quickly. The drunk man went down a single punch and as he fell, decided to use my leg that poked slightly into the aisle as a ledge for support. The bruise has gone now.

However we manage the shit will have to do. The constant responsibility of managing the world around us in our best capacity is unknowingly fucking soul crushing. When the day of the apocalypse comes it’ll be because some turd somewhere shirked that responsibility to manage their reality. In the end, our management tactics, our choices, make us and the world around us whether we’re a drunk man on a train or an arsehole is taking his anger out on his girlfriend.


Managed Shit

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