Synchronised Skydiving

When we are alone, do we invite disaster? Say if there was someone else with us at the time we make some decisions to tell us that’s the stupid one, would we be more likely to make the right one? For example, I think if someone was with me this morning, they would have told me to demand a refund when I was served a cold toffee latte. That’s on a minor scale but it could be said that being alone is both the best of times and worst of times – freedom yet free falling.

I’m not saying that group mentality is any better take the London Riots, that snowballed until it became an avalanche because of too many voices all harmonising in anger, rising quick and hot. It’s that one other person, that sole company, just to lean on is what we all fundamentally need. That person may change from time to time but in that time free-falling becomes synchronised skydiving. For many people, this comes in the form of marriage – which personally I don’t see any merit in – and for others it means having lots of friendships which amount to the support. The latter is, in my experience, an incredible fucking hassle.

You’ll find the people who choose to be alone just haven’t found someone to prop themselves up on or have and that other person isn’t one for propping.  It’s then people do seemingly strange things that most would raise an eyebrow at in 2017. Hobbies like trainspotting (literally, not shooting up in Scotland), journal keeping or collecting sex dolls. Speaking of which, aren’t those quite literally a last resort in the quest to find someone to lean on and someone to be intimate with? A physical manifestation of an imaginary friend which has the added bonus of that you can fuck them and perhaps, feel less self-loathing than you would if you had PornHub bookmarked in your internet browser. It’s become such a modern phenomenon that the industry is legitimately affecting UK legislation right now as there’s going to be a review, and rightly so, into having an import ban on child-like sex dolls which should be called robots more than anything these days considering how responsive they reportedly are. Hell, the fringe movement is becoming so technologically advanced that Channel 4 created a sci-fi series based around the controversy of customisable robotic partners becoming more popular than real ones. In that sense, is it true companionship and actual sex or is it just advanced masturbation?

That was a bit of a tangent but the point is that as humans, we’ve individually tried to find a herd for ourselves – and this is where I’m trying desperately not to sound like a shitty quote from any of seemingly endless Ice Age films. We’re not smarter together and perhaps not stronger either, but unity gives us a weird conviction and purpose. It’s the kind you can’t find on your own and even the lone ranger of the Great American Desert needs their horse.

On the other side of that of course, is that peace of being alone. Not particularly intrinsically reliant on one person and comfortable with the knowledge that one day there might be or won’t be. That’s where I am or so I think, I don’t know, ask me again tomorrow. Yet right now perhaps like millions of others in this weird blank space of self-devised solitude, it’s okay. While it’s not synchronised skydiving, it’s more like how Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear put it: ‘falling with style’.  Still, like I said, ask me again tomorrow.

Synchronised Skydiving

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