My brain is doing a nice thing again where it won’t allow me to sleep until it’s literally impossible for me to open my eyes. It’s the inability to switch off that’s doing it, something in my capacity as an unqualified non-expert I’ve identified as the fault of society somehow. Netlflix culture? Piers Morgan perhaps? His reputation can survive the hit of being the cause of insomnia world wide as well as being an arsehole. On the positive, I did make friends with a lost cat last night at 3 AM, one I named Pickle for the sake that her demeanour demonstrated that she was in a pickle. Christ, I need to develop a better sense of humour – note to self.

The other side of this meant that today in particular I was snappy with people for seemingly no reason, which while some people may say it’s detrimental to relationships it actual perhaps is a blessing in disguise. Considering the weeks of limited semi-sleep and apparently no end in fucking sight, I’ll have the demeanour and visage of the 12th Doctor by the end of September. Who wants that around them? Wouldn’t it be a far better public service for that element to be removed, no offence to Peter Capaldi – Peter, I still love you. I don’t know why people shit on self-destructive behaviour so much, I mean, I’m not the one going to benefit, it’ll be everyone else. They’ll have an easier time as they won’t have to deal with my baggage and I’ll be less stressed for the same reason. Plus, I get a lot more done when I do things by myself; going to restaurants on your own is much better than going with other people for example, that’s a secret in life I learnt early on that no one will tell you.

So what if I end up alone and depressed like Bojack Horseman with cocaine flecks in my beard and a fridge filled solely with Southern Comfort? That show has great ratings and Will Arnett is a household name somewhere. Alternatively, I could go to Morrisons and get some sleeping tablets to regulate it. If only I could be actually fucking motivated to leave the house other than to get shitfaced.

Chance would be a fine thing.


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